The financial dilemma of the single mom — a better paying job requires more education;  more education requires more money, more money only comes with a better paying job… it’s like a dog chasing its tail. It can seem like you are caught in a never ending circle. What’s a single mother to do?

There is help available. One organization that specializes in helping working mothers is the Project Working Mom Scholarships Program. It exists solely to help working moms.

This organization will help mothers who hold a job, full time or part-time, that would particularly benefit from a “distance learning” situation. A distance learning situation would typically be an online course or a correspondence course. Both of these type of courses should be of interest to a single working mom, as the big benefit is that there are no set hours in which she will need to leave her home to go to a class.

More financial assistance is available from the American Association of Business Woman and the EWI – Executive Women International.

Both offer scholarships for single moms who want to better the lives by advancing their educational level. This results in a working mother who increases their competency to perform their current job or one who learns new skills to obtain a new and better job. In either case, the education will lead to a higher salary and a more satisfying position.

The federal government is also involved in scholarship programs for single mothers. There is a new scholarship program called the Obama Scholarships for Children of Single Moms Program. This particular scholarship program, being for the children rather than the mother, can benefit the overall financial situation of the family; just in a different way.

Our website provides further details on each of these programs. Once you have a better understanding of how things work – and you will if you put in some time at our website – would be to go to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) website.

Once you are at FAFSA, you can examine the many different colleges and universities, both online and residential, that accept the funding mentioned above. Then you could choose what is the most beneficial and appropriate program for both your personal benefit and the benefit of your family overall.

Although there is a world of information out there to help you with educational funding it can seem like you are stuck in a maze with no one to guide you, it is not really that difficult. You only need to familiarize yourself with a few terms and procedures and the task will seem much easier.

So spend some time reading about the broad array of scholarships and grants that are explained on this website and soon you will find yourself with the knowledge to get the funds you need to fulfill your educational goals!