With enough research, you will find out that there are many different types of scholarship grants available for students. And, the good news is that it’s easy to apply for these college scholarships. You can start by asking your school’s academic office, go to the universities and asking around, and checking the local government websites for updates on grants. However, why is it that some would-be applicants hesitate before applying for these scholarships? Here are some of the most common scholarship myths that dissuade students from applying for scholarships…
Myth #1: Scholarships are for Intellectuals Only

Most people believe that only straight A students are eligible for a scholarship. While there are scholarship grants that are especially for ‘A’ students, there are a lot more scholarships out there that don’t necessarily prioritize grades in terms of selection criteria.

Moreover, there are certain factors that also need to be considered before a student gets approved for a scholarship. One of these factors is financial need. If your grades are high enough (even if they’re not straight A’s) and you show excellence in co-curricular activities, you have a chance of getting a scholarship grant because you’re more financially eligible than other students.
In addition, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Look for scholarships that prioritize artistic acumen over academic excellence. For instance, there are scholarships for athletes, visual artists, singers, performers, and so on. There are even some scholarship grants that consider a student’s potential for community service. The truth is, not all scholarships are about academics. Find one that fits your field of interest.

Myth #1: Scholarships are Only for the Needy

Some people think that because they belong to the middle class, they will immediately get rejected when they apply for a scholarship. Many scholarships are offered for middle class students; or even for those who are financially well off.

It is true that financial need is a factor for approval, but getting awarded the scholarship is mostly about whether you deserve it or not. There are many scholarships that take into account the merits of the student. This means that an applicant is evaluated first for academic or athletic capability before the reviewers even consider the financial neediness.

Myth #1: Scholarships Still Require Money

There are charitable institutions that will provide the legwork for the nuances involved in setting up your scholarship. They can look for the most suitable scholarship for you, considering your achievements and goals. Most of the time, these organizations will be the ones to process your scholarship application, and you need only to sit tight and wait for good news.

However, make sure you understand the terms of the organization, and more importantly, you trust the organization offering to help you out. Scholarship scams are not unheard of, and nowadays, there are more of these than you think.

Myth #4: You May Not Apply for More Than One Scholarship

Sometimes, it’s a numbers game. The more you apply, the more you will find a scholarship grant that’s for you. As long as you deem yourself eligible for a grant or a scholarship, you can apply. Take note of the requirements and whether or not you like the terms of the scholarship (scope of assistance, etc) before you send your applications.