If you are a single mother and you are thinking about going to college to further your education, there is one acronym you will want to be aware of.  This is FAFSA.  It stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and it is the most important application you could ever make.  This is because it can lead you towards getting the financial aid and grants you are qualified to get as you think about moving back into studying again.

The most important thing you should know about the FAFSA is that it can unlock the door to all kinds of financial aid packages.  It doesn’t just relate to getting one specific kind of grant, such as a Pell grant for example.  It can lead you to all kinds of other grants and financial remuneration as well, which is a good thing because you won’t have to fill out lots of different forms.

So how does the Free Application for Federal Student Aid work?  Well, basically it allows the government to assess your financial situation to see which loans, grants and other financial assistance packages you could be eligible for.  This is a great way to go because you may not be aware of all the monies that are out there for students in your situation.  You may know of the basic ones and the most frequently mentioned ones, like the Pell grant for instance.  But not many people will know of all the financial schemes available to aid various students.  This is why filling out the FAFSA form is vitally important if you know you will need financial aid of some kind.

Another important point to make is the need to ensure you fill everything out correctly.  Do not just guess at the information – everything will be checked and if you should make a mistake and incorrectly fill out your income or that of your parents for example, it could have marked consequences for you.

Remember too that if you go to the official website at FAFSA.ed.gov you will find all the answers to the questions you probably have in mind.  Since you will have to report on your parents’ income as well as any that you may have earned yourself, it is essential that you get the figures right.  If you have any questions you will probably find the FAQ section answers them for you.  The website also has plenty of other useful information about the form and how to fill it out, so make sure you read through it all to get the best results.

Some students think they can get away without filling out the FAFSA when they are considering getting financial aid for college.  But most lenders will insist that you have done so, because this form is considered to be the most important one for getting the information right and it is recognized by everyone in the field.  Make sure you fill it out and you will find it much easier to get the money you need.