For over a decade now, The University of Phoenix Online has been the online educational option for those who want to get their decree online. Founded in 1989, it was the pioneer among accredited online universities. Currently, there are over 57,000 enrollees, which make the University of Phoenix the largest private, accredited, ‘for-profit’, online university in the United States of America. Because of these reasons and the undeniable credibility of the institution, the University of Phoenix is frequently the first choice when it comes to getting an online degree. In an increasingly competitive arena of online universities, the University of Phoenix Online continues to provide quality education that’s hard for other online universities to compete with.  If you’re looking for an online school, the university of Phoenix Online is ideal.

Because it has been around for many years, the scheme for online teaching has been improved tremendously. A curriculum tailored to meet the needs of serious students is available to anyone. Working adults who want to augment their working knowledge with principles and practical application can earn a degree in the most convenient way possible.

There are virtual meeting rooms, with specialized online instructors that can help with class participation and assignment submissions. Learning in this flexible environment is both comfortable and fun. A student can easily complete up to 27 credits every year, which is way higher than the 15 credits one can complete in a regular school. What’s unique about this set up is that there is a low instructor to student ratio, with only 11 students in one class. This means more individual guidance is provided and the instructors can facilitate the class in a much better way. The instructors are qualified and esteemed CIOs, CEOs and CFOs of reputed companies themselves.

Are there some negative things that can be said about the University of Phoenix Online? There are a few. There are times when online participation is not as smooth as students would like. Sometimes instructors do not actively participate in the discussion or evaluation in a timely manner. Lack of communication in an online environment can be quite dismaying, as the hours involved in going online just to attend a virtual class has to be maximized to the fullest with high-energy student-instructor communication.

Good communication and interactions with the students are just some of the things that need to be addressed in the University of Phoenix Online. One other thing is that the instructors and administrators need to address a grievance or specific concern in a timely manner. There are times when a class ‘advisor’ can only send an endless series of correspondence, with little action actually taken to deal with the problem.
One more thing that might be a turn of is the pay. Some ex-online instructors claim that the salary for teaching online is lower in the University of Phoenix Online than other universities out there. This will inevitably lead to lower motivation levels and drive to excel.

There is also a need to update the software used for online learning. From mail delivery to overall site load speed, the facilities on this website need to be upgraded. These issues are worth mentioning since online teaching requires fast loading servers with little or no downtime. If these issues can be addressed, students will feel more comfortable paying the relatively ‘high’ tuition fees being charged.