Have you ever heard of a FSEOG before?  If you haven’t, now might be the best time to find out more about it.  It could be just what you are looking for to help your college studies.

FSEOG stands for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, which is why it is referred to as the FSEOG for short.  It is certainly much easier to say!  This grant is based on the needs of the student, so if you have low earnings and you are at a financial disadvantage when compared to other students going to college, you could be in with a chance of being awarded this grant.  However there are a number of other criteria that need to be considered as well, so you will need to look at these to see whether you would have a chance of getting the FSEOG.

For starters, the FSEOG is aimed purely at undergraduate students.  This means you cannot have completed or studied any kind of degree program before.  If, for example, you have already gained a degree and you now want to go back to college to study for another kind of degree, you won’t be eligible for the FSEOG.  Instead you would have to look for another kind of funding opportunity.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is designed to help those who have their heart set on a degree course, but they would not be able to afford to go through with it without financial aid of some kind.  With a FSEOG grant, the amount of money you are granted comes from two different sources.  The government will provide most of the funds, usually covering around 75% of the total amount you are awarded.  The remainder of the funds you receive will be given courtesy of the school you will be attending.

The whole idea of the FSEOG is that it gives people the chance to go on to postsecondary education.  Without the FSEOG being awarded to various students each year, those same students may never have had a chance to study the courses they wanted to go on to college to study.

You will need to make sure that the college or school you want to go to is enrolled in the FSEOG program themselves in order to have a chance of getting this award.  If they are not part of the program you won’t be able to get the award, since some of the funds will come from the actual school as well as the government.

The US Department of Education will work out whether you are entitled to this grant when you apply for it.  This is done by using a formula and using information you give them to help them work out your eligibility.  Many students take advantage of the FSEOG every year, and it enables them to get to college when they might otherwise be left stranded.  Could the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant be ideal for you too?